Drawing every dinosaur of the alphabet!

Drawing 26 dinosaurs

If you've been reading my blogs and following me on social media, then you'll know about my "Determined Dinosaurs". 



Apparently I can't seem to stop drawing them because I over the bank holiday weekend I drew another 22 dinosaurs so I could do an A-Z poster of dinosaurs. 

Want to see my process? Of course you do...

1. Sketch some dinosaurs

Sketching dinosaurs

2. Transfer sketches to watercolour paper
3. Paint the dinos. They don't have to be historically accurate. Nobody can say they haven't seen a bright pink Udanoceratops.
Painted Dinos
4. Have an existential crisis because you've mis-specied Derek...
Derek Steg
5. Digitally Edit the images and add eyes, because how else are they going to see?
Digitally edited images
6. Make 26 individual cards explaining each dinosaur. Think up 26 names for each dinosaur.
 individual dinos
7. Make a poster, learn a new technique with the pen tool.
Pen tool
8. Release the poster into the wild...
Finished released
So there we go. More dinosaurs than you can shake a stick at on a poster that is sure to look absolutely amazing wherever you put it.

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