Ada Lovelace "Get with the Programme" vinyl sticker

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Ada Lovelace is considered the first Computer Programmer (Even thought computers as we know them didn't exist). She was a genius with maths and her correspondence with Charles Babbage revealed that she could see computers helping society in the future.

This sticker is based on an original watercolour which in turn is based on the portrait of Lady Lovlace by Alfred Edward Chalon and has the words "Get with the Programme" wrapping around her.

The sticker measures approx 6cm x 10cm.

Based on an original watercolour drawing, the sticker has been scanned into digital image editing software and, printed onto waterproof matt finish vinyl and then cut.

The image of Ada has a white border and can be placed on most flat, smooth surfaces, such as notebooks, smart device cases, laptops, fodlers and more!

The sticker is sent loose in a sealed eco friendly "plastic" protective bag and backing card.

The image of Ada is based on a famous portrait by Alfred Edward Chalon (1780-1860), but with a banner around her chest with the text "Get with the programme". A play on words and a fitting tribute to the first Lady of Computers.