Maths Puns 38mm badge set

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This badge set is great for any fan of jokes and math!

Who said maths had to be serious? This badge set is for those who love maths but have a sense of humour.

Set of 4 badges with designs with maths puns, ideal for any fan of numbers. The text are written on paper usually associated with the various maths topics, like spotted paper, isometric paper, squared paper and graph paper

The designs read:

  • "Maths is easy as π" (because who doesn't like pie?)
  • "You have to be odd to be number 1"
  • "Rooting for you" (with the graphic of the square root over 4U)
  • "Doing all Right" against a right angled triangle

Each badge has been designed in digital graphics software before beign printed, cut and made by hand at MGB HQ.


  • Each badge is approx. 38mm
  • Presented on to backing card
  • Made using metal, plastic and paper components
  • Badges have sharp pins at the rear and are not recommended for young children.