Octopus 58mm Badge "Nothing is out of your reach"

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Nothing is out of your reach and this cute yellow octopus is here to remind us of that!

Inspired by my own Mini Geek's love of Marine Biology, these items have been created to give you an encouraging boost.

It shows a watercolour illustration of a yellow and orange stylised octopus on a blue background with white text below it saying "Nothing is out of your reach".

Available as a badge, keyring, magnet or pocket mirror, the octopus can be a constant reminder that you can excell at anything.

The designs are approx. 58mm but the finished size will depend on what item you chose on the drop-down menu.

They are available as:

  • Keyring (includes a metal ring to attache to keys or a bag)
  • Magnet (singular magnet attached to the back of the compononent)
  • Badge (has a sharp metal pin so it can be attached to shirts, jackets, bags, displays, NOT suitable for children)
  • Pocket Mirror (includes organza bag)

Components (depending on product choice):

  • Metal fronts
  • Paper design
  • Mylar plastic covering
  • Plastic backing
  • Metal pin/Ring/Magnet

I use a variety of different components, including metal and plastic, and the designs are protected by a thin layer of Mylar plastic.

Each item is packaged individually. Badges have sharp pins at the rear and are not recommended for young children. I do have safety backs if you wish to gift your badge to young children, please do get in contact if you’d prefer this option.