She/He/They Believed pronoun 58mm Badge

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New updated design to include pronouns "He", "They", "She". Please choose your preferred pronoun and badge type when you place your order.

Design includes a digitally created nebula and has white text over the top. The text reads (Depending on your pronoun choice):
"He/She/They believed he/she/they could, so he/she/they did."

The designs are approx. 58mm but the finished size will depend on what item you chose on the drop-down menu.

They are available as:

  • Keyring
  • Magnet
  • Badge
  • Pocket Mirror (includes organza bag)

The design has been designed in Photoshop and made into badges at MGB HQ!

I use a variety of different components, including metal and plastic, and the designs are protected by a thin layer of Mylar plastic. Each item is packaged individually. Badges have sharp pins at the rear and are not recommended for young children. I do have safety backs if you wish to gift your badge to young children, please do get in contact if you’d prefer this option.