This is How I Roll Mug

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This is how I roll, but on a mug!

Based on an original watercolour illustration, this features a D20, D6 and D4, some flowers and a banner that reads "This is how I Roll"

Each design is illustrated by myself, before being printed and pressed in the Mini Geek Boutique studios in Nottingham, UK.

I use a sublimation full colour CMYK process and heat mug press to make sure the design is fixed permanently onto the mug, because each one is made individually there may be some discrepancies in placement and colour, although I do try to make sure each one is uniform. The mug can be washed in a dishwasher with little to no fade on the design.

Each mug has an 11oz capacity, with straight sides and measures 80mm diameter x approx. 92mm high. The designs are pressed onto a bright white surface ensuring that each design also has a brilliant finish.

Each mug is shipped wrapped in bubble protection and in a Kraft cardboard box designed especially for mug delivery, I also put fragile tape around each package, just to be sure…