Weapons of Mass Creation Pencils

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Weapons of Mass Creation!
These handy tools can be used for drawing, sketching, writing, doodling, creating your characters for your tabletop game, the list is (almost) endless!

The set would make ideal gifts for anyone who loves playing D&D, Pathfinder, sketching their characters, etc...

Each set of 3 pencils include:
  - A mint green pencil with gold text "ADVENTURE AWAITS"
  - A Kingston Blue pencil with gold text "STAY SHARP"
  - A black pencil with gold text "CHARACTER BUILDING"

These are 2B, hexagonal, graphite pencils featuring wood from sustained yield forests – the most environmentally friendly wood case pencils available. All pencils have a pink eraser with a silver clamp. Pencils are provided unsharpened as standard. Please note that pencil colour refers to the coloured coating and not the lead.  

These pencils are packed in card packaging, as we are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use.