10 back to School supplies for the Big and Mini Geeks!

10 back to School supplies for the Big and Mini Geeks!

Whether it's the kids starting a new academic new year, or the teachers, we've got a top ten essentials for the geek in your life!

1. Fantasy Themed Pencil Case by Mini Geek Boutique

With this pencil case your geek will be able to store pencils, pens, tiny magic wands, a notebook and keep them securely zipped up! Each pencil case is sublimated to order, making each one unique.

2. Magical Means Washi Tape by The Tinkerporium

Washi Tape by the tinkerporium

Washi tape is great for decorating your notebooks and journals and this washi tape by The Tinkerporium makes sure your homework diaries will amazing. (And you can store it in your new DnD pencil case...)

3. Donut Worry Sticker by Mini Geek Boutique

Donut worry Sparkly sticker

This sticker will help motivate and affirm anyone who's worried about starting a new year, especially if it's at a new school. And it sparkles!

4. Hair Scrunchies by TableTopCrafter

Galaxy Hair Scrunchie by Table top Crafter

Having your hair in your face can be so distracting, why not use one of these gorgeous handmade scrunchies by TableTopCrafter? I've got a few of these myself and they keep even my flyaway hair in place! Each one is made by Kerry and there is a massive range to choose from. 

5. Fantasy Themed Notebook by Mini Geek Boutique

DnD Fantasy themed Notebook

Based on a similar pattern to the Pencil Case, this notebook is A6 sized, ideal for keeping in your bag or your pocket and with dote grid pages you can use it to plan, sketch or write notes. 

6. Raven King Keyring by Ruth Hammond

Raven King Keyring by Ruth Hammond

If you're looking for a cute, whimsical design to decorate your keys or bags, this Raven King keyring by Ruth Hammond is perfect.

7. Set of 4 Puntastic Pencils by Mini Geek Boutique

set of 4 2b pencils for those starting a new quest

These 2B pencils are great for anyone who needs a reminder that starting a new year is an adventure. The set of 4 pencils are packaged in recyclable packaging. 

8. Cryptid Scouts Reward Patches by Eldritch Rach

Cryptid Scouts Reward Patches

These reward patches by Eldritch Rach are awesome. You can decorate your bag, your jacket or a blanket! 

9. Limited Edition Canvas Tote Bag by Mini Geek Boutique

Limited Edition Canvas tote bag by Mini Geek Boutique

What better way to carry all those books and things than with a heavy duty Canvas bag? This one is Limited Edition and features a rainbow sparkle design on the front. 

10. Edible Dinosaur Jellies by Honey Badger Games

Dinosaur shaped Jelly sweets by Honey Badger Games

These delicious jellies from Honey Badger games are delicious! Definitely the ideal treat if you've had a good week. 

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