About Us

Started in 2013 as a way to positively embrace being a geek, Mini Geek Boutique has evolved into more than just another geek store.

With a background in digital media and a teaching career spanning 13 years, my art took a back seat until I took the plunge to go full time in 2018, focusing on creating products that encouraged you to embrace your inner geek.

About Me Mini Geek Boutique

Tired of hearing “Geek” as a negative stereotype, I started creating clothes and products that encouraged people young and old, to embrace their inner geek and to not be afraid of their hobbies and passions.

The characters I create are whimsical and cute and I am a sucker for a good pun. I want people to see my work as having a positive impact on being a geek, and focus on empathy and positive mental health.


The products that use my illustrations are made by me, most of the time. I use a flat bed press, heat transfer vinyl, and full colour transfer for clothing. I have a mug press and I even make my own stickers, thus reducing the need for third party manufacturers and (hopefully) reducing the amount of energy that each product uses. 

I may have left teaching but teaching hasn't left me and I try and create resources that are informative and educational for geeks, young and old.

I'd love to hear from you!

For commissions, jobs, product designs, please feel free to get in touch!