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There's nothing I love more than a mystery bag and these exceeded my expectations! Every piece was beautiful and you can see the time and love that went in to them. I want 100 more!

Absolutely Gorgeous

Amazing space designs on cute animals? What more could you ask for? So much love and detail has clearly gone in to these and they're such high quality, they truly are works of art and I want a hundred more to stick on every surface.

Great To-do list

Love it

Sooooo soft

As someone who has bad face reactions these have been a godsend. I used to go through so many cotton pads when applying my creams (due to the greasy feeling that I cannot stand on my hands). These have made me feel like I am no longer wrecking the environment by trying to look after my health. Will be buying more. When my face is at its worse it drys, peels and splits, these have been consistently soft and gentle even on my worst days.


I always need a reminder to drink water. This is a perfect little extra physical cue.

Never disappointed

When I need a bit of dopamine I grab a Mystery Bag of Mystery. The beauty comes from the combination of not knowing what I am going to get along with the fact that there isnt a MiniGeekBoutique product I haven't loved.

A wooden incarnation of my favourite owlbear

Great little pin. Love the owlbear design, now I get to take it with me everywhere

Tatty The Truth

The amazing visual stim from this coupled with the fact I would live on potato and cheese if I could shows how well this fits into my lifes aesthetic.

Beautiful scrunchies

Amazing fabric, amazing craftsmanship. Super comfortable. The design is great.

Holds a LOAD of Dice

Love this bag. The fabric is amazing. I will be buying more, at least one per character 😅 Managed to get at least 15 sets in with enough room to close properly. Check out the video for a better visual gauge.

An absolutely gem of a find

Love these zines. Irene and Derek have fast become my favourite dinosaurs. Thank you so much MiniGeekBoutique for bringing these into the world.


So I LOVE a to do list pad. And as a big ol DnD nerd, this just screamed BUY ME and I couldn't be happier. Its nice thick quality paper, vibrant print and the trackers (like the water tracker and allocating xp to certain tasks) is SO unique and great

Amazing, use it for every geeky birthday

Love this card. Absolutely amazing

Amazing EVERY Time!

Adore everything from this store.

Comfiest Shirt Ever

I discovered upon wearing this shirt, that before now, I had not known true comfort.

This is the softest shirt I own in my entire wardrobe, and sometimes I'm hesitant to drop money on shirts (I'm used to just grabbing cheap plain black multipacks) it's so so worth it when you put it on and feel how soft the cotton is. I feel like £20 is cheap for how good this is.

More than ya money's worth

I've had two mystery bags now, and gotten such a lovely assortment of items in both. From notebooks, to pencils, badges, coasters, art postcards, greetings cards. All the art is beautiful and I now have some motivational badges for my desk. Best mail day is when you get one of these

This made my soul happy

Big DnD nerd, got big love for this zine. I wanna buy one for each of my players now. Dnd, dinos, AND DOUGHNUTS. What more could you want.

Best. Sticker. Ever.

I love everything about this, and now I want to fill my household surfaces with an army of Beelzeducks. A great glossy finish and thick enough to not peel away over time - Beelzeduck has my soul now

Great little read, even for grownups

Being 27 years of age, I LOVED reading this. For a grown-up, it's a quick little read that just brings joy whenever I flick through it - beautiful illustrations and such charming stories. The print is gorgeous quality, and it now has a happy home in my comic book shelf

Always an amazing surprise

I buy myself at least 1 mystery bag on payday and I am never disappointed. I adore these.

Beautiful Story and Illustrations

Bought to put away for my daughter's xmas, but I couldn't resist reading it through as soon as it arrived - the illustrations are beautiful and the story is so sweet! If I could give more stars I would

Perfect Sticker Set

What can I say? I literally can't choose my favourite between the shiny holographic UFO or the swirling colours of the dream jar! And of course the rocket is just adorable. They're a lovely quality and perfect for journalling or jazzing up a laptop!

My new favourite shirt!

I've always been a huge fan of Mini Geek's T-shirts, their designs are beautifully done, and when I saw this one, I had to add it to my collection. Well, I'm not sure I've ever fallen in love quicker with a T-shirt (except for maybe Mini Geek's Owlbear tee!), The fabric is so so soft and the perfect thickness, I was worried it wouldn't fit well (clothes sizing online always throws me) but it fits like an absolute dream, it's the best fitting t-shirt I own now! It's so comfortable, it compliments my shape and it tells people to get away from me while remaining adorable. I literally couldn't ask for more. Mini Geek, keep these t-shirts coming!

Bedtime Story Postcard

I loved the design and was not disappointed, it's stuck to my studio wall now - the colours are bold and the print is really, really good quality on thick card too. Love.

Better than expected

For a mystery bag that's a couple quid I thought maybe a pin and a print. But no, there was so much stuff even in the small pack! A few prints and stickers, bookmark, badge even a little notebook. Such a joy to open and be so very pleasantly surprised