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Mini Geek Boutique is here to help you embrace your inner geek! If you have a passion or a hobby then you may very well be a geek. From science, literature, video gaming and dice games, MGB has products that show just how awesome it is to be a geek.

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What does MGB stand for?

The MGB manifesto

There are so many negative connotations of being a geek, being picked on and bullied for having a passion, that goes against society’s norms or expectations. And it doesn’t stop at adulthood, it’s something that carries on, and being a geek is seen as a bad thing.

ENOUGH! A geek is anyone who has a passion forsomething, it could be art, literature, video games, board games, science,maths, space, history, sport.

Too often people are teased at childhood and into adulthood for having a passion or hobby, and that’s not right.

But what does Mini Geek Boutique offer?

I want MGB to be a community hub for people who have passions and hobbies, maybe they were bullied as a kid for these hobbies, perhaps they are bullied even into adulthood.

I want to build a community that is a safe space for people to express their hobbies and passions and want to feel the kids in their lives can openly express themselves without ridicule.

Where to find the community

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