Determined Dinosaurs Range- My inspiration

Determined Dinosaurs Range- My inspiration

I have always loved dinosaurs, I mean who doesn't? It's almost like a right of passage as a kid, and that includes being able to pronounce all of them, Parasaurolophus anyone?
Dinosaur print

I remember when Walking with Dinosaurs first came out back in the late 90's,  my eldest and I would sit and watch it on the BBC, it's ground breaking narrative and effects really helped to make the dinosaurs come to life and even now looks remarkable. I even remember buying it for them on VHS, at one point my eldest wanting to become a paleontologist.

Fast forward 20 odd years later (yikes) and my youngest geek loves them still, my nephew, my grandson (I blame his parents... ;)) and I still love them, even as I approach my mid 40s (double yikes). They are so fascinating to me, they lived millions of years ago and we know so little about them and how they lived but they tell such a story.

Tracy meets a Steggy. Is compeltly calm about the whole endevour.

When we were in New York we had the opportunity to visit the natural history museum near Central Park and I about lost my mind when I came face to face with a Stegosaurus skeleton, my favourite of all the dinosaurs.

During Christmas of 2020 I designed a Dinosaur themed Christmas jumper (featuring Derek and Irene as models) and I couldn't shake the feeling I could do more. The jumper really successful  and I wanted to expand the range with unique artwork. So I started doodling and came up with a range of illustrations that would look great as separate prints, cards and badges. I wanted each illustration to convey a message and that's how this whole new range of products came into being!

Original Watercolour featuring Derek and Irene

During these unusual times, mental health has become increasingly important, and no more so than with children. I've seen my own Mini Geek get sressed over trying to complete school work, he misses his friends tremendously (he is a social creature) and not being able to go out as much as we normally would has meant he has become lethargic. I created these products as a reminder that it's ok to have these feelings, that what everyone is going through is tough right now and it will come to end, eventually.

You are VALID T-rex

But right now children need to know that they're feelings are valid.

My years as a teacher saw many children going through a lot of changes, I taught teenagers so you can imagine the sort of changes, physically, emotionally and mentally I witnessed. Its so important for children to know that we are there, that their feelings are valid and that we are very proud of them for coping with whats happening around them.

One of my favourites is the T-shirt (currently only available as an kid's size, I will expand soon, I promise!) One of the things I enjoy doing is making the products be more than just an illustration. I decided to offer the option of colouring pens as the design looked perfect as a colouring in activity for mini geeks and aspring Paelotologists.

New Derek T-shirt that can be coloured in!

I've designed a few products for this range, as well as the t-shirt, there's badges, stickers and even a mug. But I'm sure I'll be adding more things soon!


You can view the full range here!

What's your favourite Dinosaur?

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