Delicious snacks for your halloween party

Frightfully Good Snacks for any fun Halloween party

If you're planning something fun to do with the kids this Spooky Season, whether it's a party or to hand out during Trick or Treat, these two ideas might help!

Dinosaur Skeleton Sugar Cookies

A pale dinosaur shaped cookie being held. the dinosaur is decorated with white piped icing to look like a skeleton

I used this recipe from Tallulah's Bakery to make some dinosaur shaped sugar cookies. I had some dinosaur shaped cookie cutters (obviously) and I used some ready made white piping icing to decorate them. 

The recipe is every easy to follow and makes lots of cookies. My hint would be to coat the edge of the cutter with some flower to prevent the dough from sticking but they are a favourite in the Mini Geek house and are delicious with a hot drink or on their own. 

You could use different shapes such as your standard gingerbread person shape and make human skeletons. Let the kids go wild!

Monster Donuts

Monster Donuts a sponge based ring donut with green and yellow icing and 3 edible eyes

I created these adapting a recipe by BBC Good Food

These are a sponge based donut rather than your more traditional fried treat and are simply delicious. I removed the cocoa element of the recipe and replaced it with Autumn Fall spices such as Cinnamon, Nutmeg and All Spice. The icing was made by mixing icing sugar with some milk to make a paste I then drizzled it over the cooled donuts and applied the edible eyes. The sponge absorbs the icing so I think for next time I might try candy melts. I made sure not to mix the icing sugar properly and it left these little blobs of icing sugar and I think it gives them the ideal monstrous look.

Monster donuts and dinosaur skeleton biscuits ready for the spooky party

These are good fun to bake with your mini geeks and be baked in advance.

Other suggestions to have at your Halloween party:

  • Jelly pots with wiggly worms
  • Fruit punch with ice hands (freeze rubber gloves full of water)
  • Hot dog fingers

Why not play the MGB Spoopy Playlist at your party?


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