Summer Holidays 2021 Places to Visit: Nottingham

Summer Holidays 2021 Places to Visit: Nottingham

What to do with your Mini Geeks during the Summer Holidays.

What to do with the kids during Summer Holidays in Nottingham

It’s almost school summer holidays here in the UK, some areas have already started, but with that comes the need to keep your mini geeks entertained. You may still have to work (booooo) but there are plenty of things to do and see and this blog series is going to look at activities to do at home and places to visit.

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The first in this series is going to look at my hometown of Nottingham. The home of Robin Hood, Torvill and Dean, Raleigh bikes, Sir Paul Smith, Boots the Chemist and Mini Geek Boutique!

Nottingham is in the middle of England, it’s easy to get to buy car, train and East Midlands Airport is just on the border. Its most famous resident is undoubtedly Robin Hood and with his band of Merry Men, lived in Sherwood Forest, robbing the rich to give to the poor.

Sherwood Forest is situated 20 miles north of Nottingham City near the village of Edwinstowe. There is ample parking and a local bus service. As well as the world-famous Major Oak, there are some trees in the forest that are as old as 500 years old! The visitor’s centre is full of wonderful things to do and there is a shop and a café. There are events through out the year, but you can explore the forest for free, watching for wild life and visit the 1000 year old tree made famous as Robin Hood’s hideout.

We’ve been a few times ourselves and it truly is magical. You get a real sense of history and adventure.

The Major Oak Sherwood Forest (

You can find out more here:

Nottingham Castle was recently refurbished and reopened this month (July 2021). As the home of the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham in the tales of Robin Hood, it was also the place in which King Charles I started the English Civil War. But you’ll be surprised to see not much of the castle is left, its demolished remains replaced with a Georgian style stately home in 1678.

The castle gate of Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, UK

The castle grounds stand high above the city, which in itself is built on an extensive network of caves, and has been recently renovated with a series of exhibitions displaying the history of Nottingham and the surrounding area.

You can find out more here:

Wollaton Hall is situated just outside of the city with easy links to public transport and parking onsite. Built in 1588, the Tudor mansion has stood the test of time and was even used as the exterior shots of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

It has an extensive Deer park and a large play area, the house itself home to many Natural History pieces. At the moment there is a Dinosaur Exhibition including a full T.Rex fossil.

You can discover more by visiting the website:

City of Caves is a where you can have a tour of the extensive maze of caves situated underneath the city. You can discover how the caves have been used over the centuries and even how they were used as Shelters during the air raids of World War 2.

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National Justice Museum Discover the history of the criminal justice system by visiting the national justice museum, situated in the old city courts. You can spend time in old jails, be a member of the justice court and discover how prisoners were treated.

Visit more here:

Green’s Windmill is one of the last few working Windmills in the country, as well as a science centre you can visit the mill itself and purchase freshly milled flour! Access to the mill is free and you can find out more here:

The National Ice Centre is home to a large arena and Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team. You can skate, take lessons, and watch shows. Discover more here:

Stonebridge City Farm is a working charitable farm with livestock, a café and play area. Visit the farm animals or visit the café and gardens. Find out more here:

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