Spooky films to watch with your mini geeks this Halloween

Ten Spooky films to watch with your kids this Halloween

Here's a list of ten spooky films you could watch with your kids this Halloween season... (in no order and Age rating is based on the BBFC rating)

1. Coraline (2008) PG

Coraline Film poster

A stop motion animation based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, Coraline features a top cast of actors voicing the characters. The story tells of an adventurous young girl who finds another world after moving to a new home and her adventures within that new world. 

Written and Directed by Henry Selick, who also created Nightmare before Christmas, this is a whimsical, yet dark, story that may scare little ones but older kids will love the humour and the story.

2. Hocus Pocus (1993) PG

Hocus Pocus Film poster

After some teenagers accidentally free some evil witches, they befriend a magical cat and try to stop the witches from becoming immortal. 

featuring an all star cast including Bett Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, Hocus Pocus is a classic Disney movie, with catchy songs and comedy that will surely thrill kids of all ages.



3. The Dark Crystal (1982) PG

The Dark Crystal film Poster

After being told he is the last of his kind, Jen The Gelfling sets on a quest to restore the Dark Crystal and bring back balance to the world

A wonderful and beautiful piece of film making, featuring characters designed by Brian Froud and directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Older kids will enjoy the fantasy setting and the storyline, whilst younger kids will enjoy the characters. There are perilous moments in the film that are a little scary for little ones, but it is a family classic.


4. The Addams Family (1991) PG

The Addams Family Film Poster

The Addams Family has been told in various mediums, including TV, animation and comics, but this 1991 version is wonderful one to watch. It is fun, silly, gothic, and the story will keep your mini geeks hooked throughout. 

It features the story of the infamous Addams Family as they discover their lost Uncle Fester and why he has been missing for so long.



5. Monsters Inc. (2002) U

Monsters Inc Film Poster

A fun feature length animation featuring fun, loveable characters Sully and Mike this story is about how these two monster friends find a lost human girl and try to get her back home without causing a city wide panic...

A classic Pixar animation with a story that's fast paced, with some peril, but good fun for all the family.





6. Ghostbusters (1984) 12A

Ghostbusters Film Poster

Definitely one for the older kids, this absolute classic film is a must watch for any Halloween fan. Featuring high jinx, a lot of ghosts, comedy, silliness and so much marshmallow fluff, you can be sure that this will become a firm favourite for years to come.





7. The Witches (1990) PG

The Witches

Based on the popular Roald Dahl story, this features Angelica Houston as the leader of the titular Witches and it can, at times, be quite scary. The story of how a little boy is on holiday with his gran and stumbles across a secret convention of witches at the same hotel and how he deals with the aftermath is a rollercoaster ride of a tale.




8.Hotel Transylvania (2012) U

Hotel Transylvania Film Poster

Where do Monsters go on holiday? Dracula's Hotel Transylvania of course! The story involves the classic monster tale; Dracula's daughter celebrates her birthday with all her monster friends and when a human man accidentally crashes the party, chaos ensues.

A fun animation, that will entertain all the family





9. Beetlejuice (1987) 12A

Beetlejuice Film Poster

Another one for the older kids, this is the tale of a newly deceased couple navigating themselves through the afterlife with the help of a human girl, Lidia.

It has an absolute bopping soundtrack and features an outstanding cast.





10. Spirited Away (2001) PG

Spirited Away Film poster

A more gentle take on the Halloween theme, but when a human girl and her family accidentally step into the spirit realm, young Chihiro must do everything she can to stop her parents from falling into Yubababa's clutches.

A stunning visual treat that kids will love, with some loveable characters and exquisite soundtrack.





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Ooh, Coraline and The Addams Family are on our list for this weekend and I’m gonna see if my munchkin wants to watch Beetlejuice (might be a lil scary but she is a spooky one!)
Awesome list!


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