Flat lay of the joyful cup cards by Lucy Joy

The Joy Filled Cup Podcast

Everyone who knows me, knows I love movies, I love talking about them, I love watching them, I love talking about the messages within them (hello, podcast...)

Lucy from the Joy Filled Cup asked to interview me as part of her weekly podcast to talk about being the star of your own story, and I was more than happy to!

It was an absolute pleaseure to chat with Lucy about movies and about the Mini Geek Critique Podcast.

We chat about what movies mean to me, and the joy I get from introducing films that mean so much to me to the Mini Geek, and how we can take the lead role in our own story.

A flat lay image of some journal cards Lucy at the Joyful Cup

Lucy is an artist who creates journal cards that coinide with the podcast episodes, it's a wonderful way to help you if you're a beginner at jounralling (Like me) or a seasoned pro.

You can find her cards here:


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