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Determined Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs -

Everyone loves Dinosaurs, and with everything thats going on I wanted to create a range that embraces your validity.

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Motivational Marine life -

Discover my inspiration behind the Motivational Marine Life range and why it's important I keep the motivational message with my products.

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geek gift guide, gifft guide, gift guide for geeks -

Sometimes it can be hard finding the right gift for your favourite Geek. This new series of guides might help you find that perfect gift.

The first guide is all about Tabletop Gaming.

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community, culture, discussion, education, Mini Geeks, parenting, Video games -

What do games ratings stand for? Are they just like film ratings? How can you as a parent or carer be informed about the ratings of games? This blog post should give you a start.

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Ada Lovelace, Ada Lovelace Day, Analytical Engine, Computer Programmer, Computers, Programming -

The 13th October 2020 is Ada Lovelace Day. But what is it and who was Ada Lovelace?

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